Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Little Christmas Lesson

After hearing about Herod, Zach was really concerned for Jesus safety! We had to reassure him that everything turned out ok! hehe!
Lily just loved having her OWN box of crayons!

There is a memory from teaching 4th graders that I think about often, especially around this time of year. I was standing at the door waiting for students to line up for recess and I overheard two kids talking. Allyn was explaining that she was excited to be a shepherd this year in her church's Christmas pagent. Eddie had NO IDEA what she meant. She asked a few more questions like,
"...you know, a play about the story of Jesus."
(blank stare from Eddie)
"...you DO know who Jesus is right?"
(yes he did...he was "like God or something")
"kind of...you know the story about Mary and Joseph and Bethlehem?"
Well, Allyn couldn't believe it! So she told Eddie to come and sit with her at recess and she would tell him, "THE WHOLE THING". I watched them closely that day. They sat in the corner where two brick walls of the school came together and Allyn diligently told Eddie everything she knew about the story of Christ's birth. It warmed my heart, but was also such a good reminder that truly, not everyone (especially children) know much more about Christmas than Santa, decorations and presents!


Miss Sarah in Georgia said...

How cute! Was this Family Home Evening or another activity. Hmmm...maybe I should dig the boxes out of the closet to find the Christmas decorations....

Missy said...

Sigh, I love your photos Tara! Your home looks so cute for the holidays - please post more with all your decorations!

Charla said...

What a sweet story Tara. That is so neat that she told him the whole story. Cute!
And your photos are amazing! I love those pictures of them with the crayons and such soft lighting. too cute!

Tiffany said...

That story is so cute! Your blog is my favorite, you always have new posts and such cute pictures of your cute kids. I love seeing all of your cute projects. I hope to someday do cute things like you. :)

Court and Britt said...

Cute pictures!! What a sweet story:).

Rapp Family said...

What a great story! Kids can teach us so much, and eachother too! It makes me realize how important it is to teach our children, because they may be the only one that tells one of their friends about the Savior! Thanks for sharing Tara. Hope you're having fun getting ready for Christmas. We sure are!